Welcome to DarkLight!

DarkLight service is a darkweb search engine for authorized members which belongs to law enforcement agencies, military forces, cyber security centre, etc..

DarkLight provides not only a single search darkweb information, but also providing website related information based on our collecting system.

Also, we're providing onion domain history, website screenshot (except images because of the applicable law), server type, rendered HTML source code and keyword searching.

If you want to join our DarkLight service, contact us via official E-mail or relevant information that we can verify your identities!

Currently, invitation code holder only can be able to join our service.

We collected about..


What we collect...

We're collecting websites which were selling counterfeit passport, ID card, money, documents.
We're collecting websites which were providing laundry, mixing, selling cryptocurrency.
Child Exploitation
We're collecting websites which were streaming child exploitation videos, images.
Personal Information
We're collecting websites which were providing personal information such as registration number, credit card information, etc.
and many other categories...
If you want to search this information, join us!